Schedule of Fees

A detailed Schedule of Fees can be downloaded below.
These fees do not include books, music exam fees, paid extra murals etc.
Please note that all fee information on this website is subject to change without prior notice.

1. Tuition Fee Deposit R1,000

2. Tuition Fees: (Gr 1 – 7) R2,162 (per month x 11)

3. Music Fees: (Half hour individual lesson per week) R590 (per month x 11)

    (Half hour group lesson per week) R345 (per month x 11)

4. Learning Support Fees: (One hour per week) R330 (per month x 11)

5. Aftercare Fees: (Grades 1 – 2) R1020 (per month x 11)

   (Grades 3 – 7) R905 (per month x 11)

6. School Banking Details:



    Pinehurst Primary School

    Standard Bank

    Acc no. 073206342

    Branch: 036309