The Governing Body

The governing body is responsible for ensuring good governance of the school.  Their duties include:

  • Supporting the Principal and staff in their professional functions

  • Developing a vision and mission statement

  • Adopting a constitution

  • Adopting a code of conduct and school policies

  • Ensuring that a good quality of education is achieved

  • Setting the school fees, preparing budgets and administering the school funds

  • Maintaining the schools assets

  • Recommending state employee appointments and employing SGB paid employees, and promoting the school.




The current Governing Body members are:


Mr B Carroll



Mr J Gibbon

Finance Portfolio:  

Mr A Gibbon


Mrs V Rogers

HR Portfolio:

Mrs F Adam

Mr JP Bosman

Mr S Johaadien

Staff Representatives:  

Mr R Buck, Mrs C Gleeson-Baird and Mrs V Rogers

Contact email for School Governing Body matters: