School Clothing Shop

The school has its own Clothing Shop, which sells new and second hand items. We don't stock the following items as new, only second hand: shoes, grey shorts / long pants and boys white shirts (long / short sleeves). These items should be purchased elsewhere.

Selling second hand clothing:

If you would like to sell second hand clothing, please download the form below.  

Payment Methods:

Cash / Credit Card / SnapScan / School Account (T&Cs apply)

Email contact:

Parents are also welcome to email the clothing shop with requests for winter uniform and we will endeavor to assist your children with acquiring their winter uniform by the end of this term. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Clothing Shop is closed until further notice

Please note, access to the shop is limited and strictly controlled. Your shopping experience will therefore take longer, so please plan for that.

We thank you in advance for your support of our clothing shop protocols and procedures, which are designed to ensure strict hygiene and safety measures.

Uniform requirements
Price list
2nd Hand Form
Sizing Chart
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