Besides the general Learning Areas / Subjects as laid down by the Education Department, Pinehurst also offers the following:


Information Technology: Grade 3 to 7

Xhosa (third language):  Grade 1 to 7


Most homework encompasses work not completed in class and revision/studying. Parents are required to check their children's work and sign the diaries on a daily basis. The diaries are also checked on a daily basis at school.

Learning support and enrichment

The learning support department, managed by the head of learning support, is integral to the functioning of the school. It supports the needs of every child at the school and his/her family. We use one learner support teacher in Grade 4 and 5, and one in Grade 6 and 7 to assist the learners.

We support Grade 1 to Grade 7 learners individually or in groups according to their needs.

Parents are welcome to discuss their children’s needs.  Email for an appointment.


Counselling is offered to individual learners to resolve personal or interpersonal problems as well as small group counselling to help learners enhance social skills and resolve conflicts.  Counselling is offered to parents/guardians of the learners.

Learners are welcome to contact counselling directly or via their teachers and parents are encouraged to make appointments:

Digital Learning

We strive to use Technology as a tool for learning, not to replace any other tool, but rather to enrich the learning process as much as possible. 

We believe in teaching children to be aware of both positive and negative aspects of technology use so that they can become responsible digital citizens, aware of their own digital footprints.

We use Chromebooks as a learning tool in the classrooms and have weekly IT lessons from Grade 3-7.

We offer Programming as an Extra Mural, where children learn to Code their own games, music libraries, animations and more!

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