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The Parent Teacher Association's Executive Committee consists of parents elected at the Annual General Meeting, held during the 4th Term. The term of office is one year. The Principal and the Administrative Head of Department are also members of the PTA Executive Committee.

The committee's functions are:

  • to promote liaison / interaction between parents and teachers

  • to provide support services, which assist with the effective functioning of the school

  • to organise social / community events, which may also be of a fundraising nature.

The PTA Executive Committee members for 2024 are:

  • Shannon Summers

  • Michelle Finegan

  • Althea Pretorius

  • Brendan Carroll

  • Wardah Adams

  • Chuma Jeremiah

  • Mansur Dawood

  • Marcellino Macclune

  • Fabian Barry

  • Jackie Workman

  • Catherine Jefferey

  • Lisa Pillay

  • Kim Manson-Kullin

Parents that can assist the school in any way, should please get in touch with the Principal or a PTA member.


The governing body is responsible for ensuring good governance of the school.  Their duties include:

  • Supporting the Principal and staff in their professional functions

  • Developing a vision and mission statement

  • Adopting a constitution

  • Adopting a code of conduct and school policies

  • Ensuring that a good quality of education is achieved

  • Setting the school fees, preparing budgets and administering the school funds

  • Maintaining the schools assets

  • Recommending state employee appointments and employing SGB paid employees, and promoting the school.

The Governing body members for 2023/2024 are:

  • Andrew Hood

  • Ockert Strydom

  • Michael Chirwa

  • Sharon Brink

  • Ben Van Stormbroek

  • Brendan Carroll

  • Thafier Ely

  • Matthew Riches

  • Victoria Rogers

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