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Pinehurst offers a wide variety of sports and all children are encouraged to participate in as many of these as possible in order to develop a broad range of movement and sporting skills.


Summer Sports

  • Athletics

  • Cricket

  • Swimming

  • Tennis


Winter Sports

  • Cross Country

  • Hockey 

  • Netball 

  • Rugby

  • Soccer


We know that if children have a positive experience with sport at a young age, they are much more likely to continue with sport and activity into adult life. We therefore strive to provide a sporting environment where children can build confidence and competence across a large range of movement and sporting skills. Every child is encouraged to reach a level of personal sporting excellence, in all the sporting codes in which they choose to participate.


The focus of Pinehurst sport is to enable our children to develop into the best versions of themselves while participating in a multi-sport environment. Part of this experience is ensuring we have well-qualified coaches looking after all our sporting and physical education activities.

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