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Pinehurst Primary School is a fee-paying school. The Pocket Guide below provides a helpful summary to our School Fees structure and accounts.

A detailed Schedule of Fees can be downloaded below. School fees do not include books, music exam fees, extra fee-paying activities, etc.

A debit order form can be downloaded below, completed and emailed to or handed in at the school reception.

Please note that all fee information on this website is subject to change without prior notice.


We use a payment application called Karri, which is an innovative mobile payment application that allows you to make quick payments for school collections using your smartphone. Non-school fees and other additional charges are collected via KARRI and all parents are required to download this free app.

Here is a YouTube video introducing the app:

More details can be found on their website:

School Banking Details:


Pinehurst Primary School

Standard Bank

Account no.: 073206342

Account type: Current account

Branch no.: 036309

All payments should reference the school fee account number.

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