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Please be conscious of the safety of our children when using the roads around the school. Be considerate and treat every road user’s safety as though it were your own.  Always obey all traffic rules and signs and respect our neighbours by not parking opposite their driveways or on red lines.


Both the Stellenberg and Rhone entrances have blind corners / bends in the road, therefore do not stop or park your vehicle on a red line at any time – besides breaking the traffic rules, it is very dangerous.


Peak times: We try to alleviate the road congestion during the peak drop-off and pick-up times by creating one-way traffic flow at both the Stellenberg and Rhone entrances to the school.  We insist parents abide by the following traffic flow arrangements:



Parents should not park in the church parking area during morning drop-off until 08:00. It is used for a turning circle when dropping off your child. Follow these 5 steps:

  1. Use Stellenberg Road as a directional way towards the school

  2. Turn sharp left into church parking area

  3. Turn at bottom of parking area (at orange cones)

  4. Drop off children next to trees (children exit car on their left, not right)

  5. Depart keeping left down Rustenburg as a directional way away from the school. Do not turn back into Stellenberg into oncoming traffic that is flowing towards the school.


The church parking area can be used after 08:00 for parking. If you wish to visit the school during the peak times and before 08:00, please park in either Stellenberg or Rustenburg roads beyond the red lines and walk to the school entrance.


  1. Treat Rhone as a directional way towards the school.

  2. Use Rheezicht, La Provence and La Gratitute roads as directional way away from the school - do not turn back into Rhone.

  3. Pull into the parking bays off the road to wait for your child. Do not double park. If there is no free parking bay, continue and park beyond the red lines in Rheezicht, La Provence or La Gratitute roads and walk to the school entrance to fetch your child.


We have requested the assistance of our neighbours with the above and we thank you, our parents, for your support in this too.

Please click on this link to find a Google map to the school.

Map of school.png
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