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Several extra mural activities are conveniently available on the school premises. These are provided by external providers not connected to Pinehurst, but offering their classes on our premises.


Here are their contact details:


Ballet & Dance

Contact person: Sannette van der Mescht

Tel: 083 451 2927 (Please text enquiries)

Email:  tess2797@icloud.com


Drama - TheatreCraft

Contact person: Paula Pursch

Tel: 073 887 3999

Email: paula@paulapursch.co.za


Young Engineers

Contact person: Zene van de Merwe

Tel: 064 508 6131

Email: infoctsouth@youngengineers.co.za

Sports Hub

Contact person: Ross

Tel: 079 670 0774

Email: pinelands@sportshubcoaching.co.za

Rugga Roots

Tel: 021 889 5643 or 074 699 2477

Email: southernsuburbs@ruggaroots.co.za

Self Defense: Krav Maga

Contact person: Shareen or Paul

Tel: 083 658 0302 (Shareen) or 082 454 7636 (Paul)

Email: shareen@kmesd.co.za