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Great emphasis is placed on the setting and attainment of high academic standards. Our curriculum is based on the general learning areas / subjects as laid down by the Education Department.  Pinehurst is a co-educational, single medium school and the language of instruction is English. We have 2 classes in each grade and each class consists of between 28 pupils (for grades 1 to 2) and 30 pupils (for grades 3 - 7).


The latest Grade 3 external assessment results are just one of the areas that bear testimony to this. The Grade 3s achieved 98,1% for both Literacy and Numeracy. The results also indicated tthat in Numeracy 55,6% of the Pinehurst Grade 3s were already functioning at a Grade 4 level.​



Pinehurst is an English single medium school.  We have 2 classes per Grade accommodating approximately
30 students per class.


Great emphasis is placed on setting and attaining high academic standards, utilising intervention and enrichment practices within our classrooms.  Our curriculum is WCED Caps based and we follow the subjects that are laid out by the department.  We offer two additional subjects, being isiXhosa and Information Technology, which we believe are vital for the full preparation of our children for the society in which we live. 


We desire that the children that pass through our corridors will have the opportunities and support to achieve their full potential.

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